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Exercise and Detoxing

Toxins are harmful for our body and they need to be eliminated by the body regularly to ensure good health and physical well-being. Our body is equipped with its own cleansing mechanism and special organs that perform toxin cleansing activities. For example, our liver plays a major role in cleansing the toxic waste from our body. Similarly, our kidney also has a very important role in cleansing the body from toxic wastes. Just because our body has its own toxin removal mechanisms, it does not mean that we do not have to take any additional efforts to detox our body. Probably, if we are leading a healthy lifestyle and if our environment is immaculate and the food that we eat are free from excessive toxic content, we may not have to take any additional efforts but the ground reality is totally different. Our body certainly needs additional support to neutralise the toxic content from the body. Along these lines, exercising and detoxing is one of the frequently discussed topics. There are various views on exercising and detoxing.

We can identify three major arguments or views in this regard:
1. Exercising and detoxing have very close relationship. Exercising has direct impact on detoxing.
2. Exercising does not help in detoxing. The body’s detoxing mechanism is not influenced by exercising.
3. Exercising helps the body indirectly in natural detoxing.

girl exercise detoxWhat do we make out of these statements and which statement is correct? Firstly, everyone agrees that our body has special organs that act as detox agents. Secondly, it is just common sense that if our body has to effectively remove the toxins from the system, all the organs, not only those that are responsible for removing the toxins from the body should function well. Thirdly, no one can contest the fact that regular exercising helps our body and the organs in our body to function well. Therefore, we can safely conclude that exercising and detoxing have indeed a very close relationship.

exercise detoxIf you have a regular workout schedule, you are very likely to improve your body’s ability to detox. You should not however buy the misconception that sweating will wash out the toxins from your body and go for a sauna bath instead of working out. Yes, lack of understanding about how our body removes toxins and how exercising and detoxing are connected can lead to faulty approaches, which may not help you achieve your detox goals. You will therefore need to be cautious while buying some of these popular ideas on detoxing. You cannot simply squeeze out the toxins from the body. Our body has to process it properly and remove the toxins through appropriate channels. Sauna baths can make you feel refreshed but they may not do enough good to detox your body when compared to exercising.

Set aside a particular time for exercising daily. Never push your body too much thinking that you can get rid of the toxins overnight and forget about it totally. Detoxing is an ongoing process; you need to therefore be consistent with your exercising schedule too to achieve positive detox results.