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Constipation – Symptoms Causes and Diagnosis


Constipation is one of the most common health conditions and all of us would have experienced it in more than one occasion. Constipation refers to the condition whereby you experience difficulties pertaining to your bowel movement. For people with constipation symptoms the bowel movement will be less frequent than for people without constipation symptoms. If you are wondering whether you have constipation issues then read on for the constipation symptoms, causes and diagnosis.


Here are some of the most common constipation symptoms. Irregular bowel movements and painful bowel movement are very common. As the bowel movement is not frequent it results in the hardening of your stool. People with constipation often feel that their bowel movement is incomplete. It is also not uncommon to have vomiting as one of the symptoms of constipation. As people with constipation problems do not pass stools regularly, they end up having swollen abdomen.


What are the causes of constipation?

There are many causes for experiencing constipation. For some people the condition can be a temporary one but others it could be a chronic problem. Here are some of the causes of constipation. Poor dietary fibre in the food consumed as one’s regular diet could result in constipation issues. Similarly, if the water intake is very low one could end up with constipation issues. Some people will experience constipation and the related issues when they are travelling whereby their regular diet and eating habits are disrupted. Other common causes of constipation include eating disorders, stress, pregnancy, etc.


As far as the diagnosis of constipation is concerned, in most cases, it is not a serious condition and does not require advanced diagnostic tests. You will need to worry about running advanced diagnostic tests only if your condition persists for more than two weeks. In such situations, some of the common diagnoses will include blood tests, barium tests and colonoscopy.


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