November 2014

Juice Diets

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Juice Diets To Support Your Body’s Detox System

The web is already saturated with information on how our modern day lifestyle, the food that we eat and the air that we breathe are filled with toxins. If the level of toxins in our body continues to increase without any efforts from our end to detoxify, our body’s immune system could be hampered leading to number of ailments and discomforts. There are many methods for detoxification; some methods are more effective than the others. Whereas some methods can prove to be harmful if you are not cautious. One of the safest ways to cleanse your body is to go on a juice diet.

What is a juice diet?

Juice diet, which is also referred as juice cleanse and juice fast helps you cleanse your body from the toxins by taking plenty of fresh juices. There are various juice diet programs that help your body to get rid of the harmful toxins. Fruit juices are rich in antioxidants and important nutrients required by the body. When compared to the other detoxing methods juice diets is one of the delicious ways of ridding your body of harmful toxins. When you are on a juice diet, it is important to avoid solid food and most importantly junk food. The idea here is to give a break to your body from processing huge meals and focus more on cleansing.

What are the best juice diets for you?

Most of the juice diets have three stages namely Pre-cleanse, Cleansing Period and Post Cleanse with total number of days ranging from three days to seven days. When you are deciding what juice diets are best for you, it is important that you do not go overboard with your juice diet. It is also important to take plenty of water when you are on juice diet.

When you are going on a juice diet do not limit yourself to one type of fruit. The best juice diets are the ones that incorporate as many fruits as possible. On the one hand, you will enjoy great variety and on the other hand, you will get the benefits of multiple fruits.

There are lots of different sources available online and the cheapest way for a juice diet is to do it yourself. You can also find readymade juice cleansing products. One of the most popular juice diets in the UK is Plenish, cold pressed organic juices. You will find three cleansing programs with Plenish namely, Harmony, Clarity and Purity. The cleansing plans range from one to seven days.

Another popular juice diet in the UK is Radiance. Three to five day juice cleanse plans are available with Radiance and this company offers six types of juice cleanses namely, Signature Cleanse, Active Cleanse, Greens Cleanse, Gentle Greens Cleanse, Beauty Boost Cleanse and Bespoke Cleanse.

Benefits Of Juice Diet

• Rids your body of toxins.
• Helps your body’s metabolism giving it a rest.
• Helps in achieving weight loss goals.
• You feel energized and light during and after the program.
• Natural method to detox.
• Highly effective and easy to follow when compared to other detox methods.

Colon Cleanse – Importance And Benefits

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Colon cleansing refers to the process of cleaning up of the colon and the intestinal tract. In ideal scenario, the food we consume should be assimilated into our body and the waste has to be ejected out of the body. Due to various factors including unhealthy eating habits, our body fails to process the food effectively as a result, certain types of food is not processed properly and starts putrefying. Such accumulation in the colon and the intestinal tract will gradually affect our metabolism. Added to that, toxins are developed from the residual undigested food, which is reabsorbed by the body causing number of health complications and discomforts. Colon cleanse which is also commonly referred using terms such as colon irrigation, colon therapy protects your body from such health risks. The problem here is that the residual accumulation takes place very slowly and we do not get to see its effects immediately until something serious happens such as colon cancer. So whether we like it or not, regular colon cleanse is of paramount importance for ensuring good health.

Colon cleansing has multiple benefits on our body and the primary one being its detox effect. When your intestinal tract and the colon are cleansed, the toxins stored in the form of putrefied food get flushed out of the system. Your regular detox plan should also include colon cleanse.

When you undergo colon cleanse, your body’s metabolism improves with enhanced vitamin and nutrient absorption capabilities. You will feel more energetic and healthier.

Studies have also shown that if the toxic waste is not removed from the system fast, it can result in undesirable conditions such as colon cancer, cyst formation and other gastrointestinal anomalies.

One of the secondary benefits of colon cleansing is weight loss. You will be able to achieve your weight loss goals faster with regular colon cleanse. Your body’s ability to process the food effectively will improve which is important for maintaining healthy weight. Before you embark on any weight loss program, it is always recommended to go for colon cleanse.

innercleanseColon cleansing gives your body and in particular, the metabolic system a great support by purging away the harmful accumulation from the body, which is not meant to be there in the first place within the intestinal tract. Your Colon is a haven for parasites and candida (fungus) overgrowth. Cleansing your Colon from time to time can aid in the help with this process.

To enjoy good health, you will need to make certain lifestyle changes but to give your body a fresh start, a complete detox is essential. Without detox, your efforts are produce slower results. When you subject your body to a complete detox, you will be able to achieve your health goals faster regardless of whether it is enjoy general physical health or losing weight.

Colon cleanse is one of the essential steps to feeling great and rejuvenated physically. You are likely feel livelier once your sluggish metabolism improves after colon cleanse. Along with regular colon cleansing efforts, you should take good amount of fibre in your food and take plenty of water to keep your system flushed.

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